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Charles "Silk" Dunn


Charles “Silk Dunn” is a national icon, a global life coach and motivational speaker whose passion is to empower the movement of the masses in their evolution toward peace, power, and happiness.

Dunn was sentenced to a 30 year imprisonment at the age of 23. During this time he was featured in the Southeast Alabama Gazette Newspaper as America’s Mandela.

While incarcerated, Dunn was carefully executing a process of discovery and self-improvement. He received over 100 certifications, and created curriculums for five different programs, ranging from anger management to mental wellness. In addition, he designed a Mental Wellness class which combines, mind, body, spirit, and universe. Released from prison on November 1, 2015, Dunn has spoken at several  public schools in the Metro Atlanta Area. Some of Dunn’s other speaking engagement are as follows:

· Keynote Speaker, Conference for State of Georgia Correctional Educators, Macon Ga.

· Keynote Speaker at Foothills Education Charter High School first graduation. 

· Keynote Speaker at the graduation for Burruss Correctional Training Center.

· Keynote Speaker at Dodge Correctional Center GED graduation.

· Keynote Speaker at Emanuel Women Facility GED graduation.

· Speaker at Steve Harvey Youth Camp

Mr. Dunn continues to blaze a trail of power and progress fueled by hard work and positive energy. Often known as the uncommon mentor, Dunn may be small in stature but he is mighty in impact. His ability to exchange tragedy for triumph makes him one of the most inspiring figures in the country.

Enclosed we have provided a few links featuring Mr. Dunn and his movement. If you are interested in having Mr. Charles “Silk” Dunn as a guest speaker, please don’t hesitate to contact Terrah at (323) 686-1836 or email:  


Philosophy for the Future


 "Sometimes we must stop doing what we were taught to do, long enough to discover what we were born to do."

"You own nothing in this world but the moment you are standing in.  Own your moments and you will own your opponents."

"Decision making is nothing if it doesn't immediately move to deliberate action."

Appearances :

Daytime Morning Show

NBC  WFLA Tampa Aired 1/4/19 

"From Drug Dealer to Life Coach"

CBS  WCBS Los Angeles

Aired  1/5/19

"Former Drug Kingpin Turned Life Coach" 



Charles "Silk" Dunn has taught tens of thousands of federal prisoners as well as life coached numerous celebrities.  His self-development courses had a waiting list of at least a year.  Some of Mr. Dunn's work has been compiled in this  masterpiece. "I will not be denied" will help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.  Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader,  he will help break through the boundaries that are limiting your team and get them ready to shape the future.

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What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future?  This tour featuring Charles "Silk" Dunn is about redesigning your life's blueprint, practical holistic solutions to personal and team success, this collaboration is produced by Terrah Bennet Smith and Royal One Entertainment.


How can this benefit you?

Mr. Dunn is highly regarded on both sides of the prison walls. His relationships and level of respect spans from Wardens, Politicians, Correctional Officers, Heads of Gangs, Religious Organizations, Prisoners, (in and out) as well as being highly regarded by FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) who titled Mr. Dunn “One of the Success Stories of Federal Prison. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable knowing that Before you begin serving your time, someone with that level of influence was a part of your support team.  



n this age, adults as well as children are pointing their fingers at others for their present state.  In many cases allowing them to take no ownership for their actions and/or situation.  Charles "Silk" Dunn aka Mr. YCI has created this movement which was fueled by his world renowned poem "You Created it" which sum up the power of taking ownership, this poem has moved the  hearts of many.  This movement also include a clothing line, fundraiser opportunities, and programs to enhance school climate and culture.  For more information visit,

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